bed bugYou may have heard a horror story about a family that came home from vacation with bed bug bites – after all, nearly one in five adults in the U.S. have been affected by them. While it’s hard to imagine a bunch of small insects crawling on us as we sleep, bed bug infestations are quite common – and not just in hotels, either. To keep them from becoming your nighttime nuisance, trust in the trained professionals at Bug Out Service. We have the treatments and experience to combat bed bugs and their red bites.

Bed Bugs: The Enemy of a Good Night’s Sleep

Once they find a host, bed bugs don’t go away easily. The longer they inhabit our beds, carpeting and furniture, the larger the infestation grows. Bed bugs rely on our blood for nutrition and those that are well-nourished can lay more eggs – up to five in one day. They’re good travelers, making them likely to hitchhike with you to a friend’s home, your office or the next hotel room you visit on vacation. They’re not picky either; they’ll infest anywhere – no matter how dirty or clean – as long as there’s a host present.

While bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, they’re still a health threat you’re better off without – and not only because of their itchy bites. They can also cause:

  • Infection (from incessant scratching of their bites)
  • Anxiety and insomnia (from the stress they cause)
  • Allergic reactions (in rare cases)

How Bug Out Service Treats Bed Bugs

At Bug Out Service, we understand how much of a problem bed bugs can be, and that’s why we treat them with an extensive application of liquid pesticide. Our treatment is applied strategically, with a focus on common hiding places and harborage areas. After applying the treatment, your family and pets will have to stay out of the treated area for four hours. Because there is no residual from the product, you have nothing to worry about after this initial waiting period.

We’ll also provide you with a checklist to follow for optimal results. To assure your safety and the effective removal of bed bugs, we suggest:

  • Removing all items from closets, shelves, dressers, etc.
  • Washing linens and clothing at high temperatures
  • Vacuuming carpet and furniture

Preventing Bed Bugs from Coming Back

Because bed bugs are so persistent, it’s important that you’re as thorough as we are – or they may show up again. Perform regular inspections to detect the pests right away (especially after a recent trips). In addition, we suggest vacuuming regularly and investing in encasements to shield your mattress. Our technicians are happy to share with you preventative advice specific to your situation.

Rest Easy with Our Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are more than a simple nuisance. Not only do their bites cause itching, but their presence alone is enough to make us lose sleep. Don’t let bed bugs become roommates. Bug Out Service is here to help with the bed bug control you need in Florida to rest comfortably. Contact us to get rid of bothersome bed bugs today.