Although many types of spiders help eliminate other insect pests in your garden, you probably don't welcome them inside your home. Unfortunately, with more than 3,000 species living in North America, it's inevitable than a few will make their way into your living space. 

How Spiders Get In and Where They Hide

Spiders venture indoors to find food, water and safety from predators. Tiny openings at ground level or in your roof allow them to slip inside easily. New homes may be infested with spiders that were present since construction but did not come out until a water source was introduced. Once indoors, most spiders gravitate to dark, damp or unattended areas. Some hide in their webs during the day and come out at night. You may find spiders in your basement or attic, inside closets and cabinets, under beds or in drawers. House spiders may build webs near your ceilings or in dark corners near your floors. 

Dangers of Spider Infestation in Jacksonville, FL

Harmless house spiders build messy webs and terrify arachnophobia residents, but their venomous cousins cause more serious problems. Most types of spider bites cause minor skin wounds that heal without complication. However, bites from poisonous spiders can make you extremely ill. In Florida, widow and recluse spiders pose a significant health threat. Southern and northern black widows, red widows and brown widows are common. Recluse spiders are not indigenous to the state, but presence of the Mediterranean, Chilean and brown recluse have been documented. The bite from a recluse or widow spider may cause severe tissue damage and necrosis along with generalized symptoms such as muscle pain, chills, hives, nausea, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath or headache. While rarely fatal, bites from poisonous spiders are particularly dangerous to small children and the elderly. 

How to Get Rid of Spiders

To prevent infestation or eliminate existing spiders, you must make the conditions in your home unfavorable to them. First, remove their food sources by keeping your home clean and controlling small insect invaders such as flies, ants, scorpions and other pests. Next, sweep or vacuum your walls, ceilings and closets to remove existing webs. Be sure to remove all egg sacks and live spiders. Dispose of your vacuum bag or collected debris outdoors.

It’s Time to Call Bug Out

Many homes have a few spiders, but sometimes indoor populations get out of hand. When it's time for professional intervention, contact the leading pest control experts that Northeast Florida residents have trusted for more than 50 years—Bug Out Service. Offering effective, eco-friendly pest protection with world class customer service, Bug Out is your best source for reliable and consistent protection against spiders and other pests in the greater Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala, Florida area. Contact Bug Out today for a free full property inspection today at 904-584-9868 or 352-221-9066.