InsulationTo keep the interior temperatures of your home comfortable while increasing its energy efficiency and providing better pest protection, consider upgrading your insulation. The product not only contains a product that will offer pest protection, it can also help lower the cost of your home’s energy bills. 

Our insulation is environmentally friendly and protects your home with its moisture and noise resistant features. This type of insulation takes less energy to produce, which makes it an even better eco-friendly. With this insulation in your home, you’ll have a product that will keep your home warmer during the winter months and cooler once the toasty months of summer arrive with the added benefit of pest protection.

A major element of the insulation type is that the product’s paper fibers include a specific form of borate. During the manufacturing process, insulation companies apply the pest control substance to the paper fibers. Because this insulation can distributed evenly throughout your attic, insects that enter the space are unable to move through it without being exposed to the borate particles. Once they ingest the substance, it kills them. Borate is deadly to insects, but the substance offers low toxicity to mammals. 

A Few Technical Details

Our insulation is made from 85 percent-recycled materials. The product has Energy-Star certification and is produced in the United States. To install the product, our highly trained service professionals will blow it into your attic. It will coat your home’s existing insulation while settling down into the cracks and niches that traditional insulation rolls are unable to reach.  Full attic remediation (removal of old and installation of new insulation) is also available—this is ideal if you have had a rodent infestation and your insulation has been disturbed or is contaminated.  We can also install our insulation in walls and attics during the initial construction of a home. 


Our insulation increases the fire resistance of your walls by 22-57%.  The product even meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s stringent safety standards.  Primarily manufactured from recycled paper, our insulation is safe for people and pets. The pest control element of the product is a mineral salt, and it is an ingredient found in a number of consumer products including antifungal creams and contact lens solution. 

Comprehensive Home Protection

By upgrading your insulation, your home will have an extra layer of protection. The product will make your home more eco-friendly, provide comfortable interior temperatures and help keep the bugs away. Contact Us today for your free evaluation. to have your insulation installed quickly and properly. 

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