Keep your home free of pests and your landscaping healthy and green with the help of Bug Out Service. We know how hot and humid it can get in Palm Coast, and we have just the treatments you need to avoid any problems over the summer when pests are most active and the turf is most vulnerable.

Termite Control

The Eastern subterranean termite is the single most common termite in Florida, and unfortunately, they're the most destructive kind. They live in underground colonies and feed on support beams, walls, and other wood structures until they're virtually hollowed out. There are two ways we can combat them: the Sentricon® baiting system and liquid termiticide.

The former is a system of bait containers that we'll insert into the ground above where subterranean termites live. The goal is for termites to take the poisonous bait back to the colony and share it. When termites find a good food source, they leave behind pheromones. These pheromones help other termites find the food. When more of the colony takes the bait, it can cause an eventual death of the entire colony. With Always Active™ technology, the effects are more long-lasting. The liquid termiticide treatment creates a barrier around the entire perimeter of the foundation that both kills and repels termites. No products pose a health risk to you or your pets. In fact, all of our pest control work is backed by our GreenPro certification.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but also carriers of disease, so we recommend getting them off your property as soon as possible. We'll come over and thoroughly inspect mud puddles, birdbaths, rain barrels, and pools, all of which are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. After identifying their location, we'll spray contact insecticides on the adult mosquitoes and exterminate the eggs, pupae, and larvae with an insect growth regulator.

Pest Control Insulation

To ensure that pests don't return to your property, consider replacing your current insulation with ours. Not only will it improve your home's energy efficiency and fire resistance, but it will also repel pests because the paper fibers are laced with borate.

Lawn and Shrub Care

Our landscaping program focuses on several services: weed control, fungus and disease control, and insect control. We'll remove pests like chinch bugs from your lawn, seed your lawn to fight diseases like dollar spots, and apply eco-friendly fertilizer. You can also get our advice on how often you should water your lawn and how much of its length you should cut, among other questions. (For example, mowing grass too short can result in shallow roots.)

One of the most important treatments we provide is aeration, where we pull out plugs of soil from your lawn so that oxygen, water, and other nutrients can penetrate the roots. This will also break down thick layers of thatch, relieve soil compaction, and make your turf more drought-tolerant.

We can fertilize shrubs, treat them with fungicides, and remove insects from them like caterpillars and aphids. We might recommend trimming them because any overgrowth can attract mosquitoes. Depending on the state of your landscape, our team can come by every seven to nine weeks for recurring services. There will be no charge for service checks, retreatments, or consultations.

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Whether you suspect a pest invasion or you want to improve the aesthetics of your yard, contact Bug Out Service for work done by licensed and insured experts! We proudly serve the Palm Coast area, and we offer military discounts and discounts for multiple services.