Living in Ocala provides incredible opportunities to enjoy natural attractions such as Ocala National Forest, the country's oldest national forest east of the Mississippi River, nearby Silver Springs State Park and the picturesque rivers and lakes located in the Horse Capital of the World itself. However, as amazing as those attractions are, they also attract pests to the area, and many of them will make their way onto your property and inside your homes. 


Mosquito 4As you know, mosquitoes are an especially annoying pest in Ocala as well as the rest of Florida. There is much standing water that exists throughout the Sunshine State and it is important to ensure that you have as little standing water on your property as possible. This includes bird baths, open water bottles and buckets. Although many people are perturbed by the itching that results from a bite, the most important thing to consider is the possibility of contracting a disease from them such as Zika virus. Fortunately, we at Bug Out Service can help keep your property as free from these pests as possible. 


These tiny pests can squeeze into your homes through a crack as small as 1/32 of an inch. Once inside, they make themselves at home by feeding on wood, which can cause significant structural damage over time, sometimes unnoticed until it is too late, as well as paper and glue; books are commonly consumed by termites. Unfortunately, termites are quite common in Florida due primarily to its damp climate. In fact, the more saturated the wood is that they are feeding upon, the better it is for them. If you notice swarmers, flying termites, around your home, you should contact Bug Out Service immediately as this is a strong indication that you already have an infestation of them or that you will shortly. Structural damage like buckling wood or swollen ceilings or floors indicate an even more serious situation.


Another pest that exists in high numbers in Florida is this one, and just about every Floridian will come across a roach infestation at some point in their lives, regardless of how clean they keep their homes. This is mostly due to the fact that they not only snack on food that is left out, but they can also get sustenance from things like paper, glue, shoes and other insects that you may have. However, not leaving any food out and keeping available water to a minimum, including any that may be leaking from your sink, refrigerator or air conditioner, will help. Also give us a call, and we will provide you with comprehensive roach protection and prevention. 

If you are experiencing issues with any of these pests or other ones that often disrupt the lives of those living in Ocala such as ants, spiders and rodents, contact Bug Out Service, and we will take care of all of your pest control needs, eliminating any major issues that you have as well as stopping minor issues from becoming major ones.