lawn shrubYour lawn and curb appeal make a lasting first impression of your home. And despite our moderate climate, you’re not guaranteed a pristine yard. Each season is unique as it relates to lawn care, so a trained professional is the best way to make sure your lawn and shrubs are properly cared for year-round. At Bug Out Service, our lawn professionals serve thousands of homes in the area. We are dedicated to providing the best programs for ongoing fertilization, pest control, and fungus, disease and weed control. Let us keep your lawn and shrubs looking their best, despite the high humidity and heat levels that can be detrimental in maintaining a healthy lawn.

Why Pest Experts Are Lawn Specialists

Your lawn doesn’t just need water, sunlight, and fertilizer, but constant protection from pests. Pests of all types can cause physical damage to your lawn and shrubs. Some, like chinch bugs, fall armyworms, sod webworms and mole crickets damage grass, leaving brown patches throughout your yard. Many times, due to their small size and tendency to hide in the soil, these pests are hard to spot until the damage has been done. Our technicians can diagnose and treat these common Florida lawn pests.

Treating pests and lawns have a lot in common, too. Because we’re experienced in identifying which types of pest control treatments to use, how much to apply, and where to apply them, we’re also the best with lawn treatments. We follow safety measures and provide eco-friendly methods of treatment.

Our Lawn and Shrub Care Program

Seasonally customized, our lawn program includes service every seven to nine weeks. We perform service checks and consultations during each of these services to keep your yard healthy and green. We also offer re-treatments between regular services at no additional charge if you have any issues. Our Bug Out Lawn Professionals are highly trained and well-educated on lawn threats in the region, as well as lawn management techniques.

With a fertilization program specifically designed for your lawn and shrubs – your grass varieties, sun exposure and durability needs – our services are customized for best results. Not all lawns are created equal. Between sod, seed and seasonal changes, lawns can vary from house to house. With Bug Out, we develop a plan that’s unique to your lawn and lifestyle. Here’s what it includes:

  • Fertilizer: turf nourishment using a carefully-chosen, environmentally-friendly treatment
  • Insect Suppression: pest control for damaging insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, armyworms, and sod webworms
  • Broadleaf Weed Suppression: targeted reduction of existing weeds and prevention of new weeds forming
  • Disease Suppression: diagnose and treat existing conditions and minimize the likelihood of future lawn disease


To achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn, you need more than fertilization. Basic lawn care practices such as proper watering and mowing are also necessary. It is also important that nutrients reach the soil beneath the turf. This can be accomplished with aeration.

Go Green, Get Green with Bug Out Lawn Care

Our environmentally-friendly lawn and shrub services will help keep your yard healthy, no matter the season. Whether pests, soil type or temperature threatens your lawn, the experts at Bug Out can help. Count on us to use high-quality, effective treatments for a vibrant and strong lawn. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Contact us today for professional help with your lawn and green grass in your own backyard.