As a resident of Florida, you probably enjoy the warm weather and sunny skies for which this state has become famous. But you and your family are not the only ones who enjoy the Florida climate. Those who live near the Fernandina Beach area know that pests are a problem that can't be ignored. Some people try to handle these invaders by themselves, but doing so is not wise unless you have the needed training and experience to get the job done. You are about to discover some of the common pests that you can expect to find around your home and what to do about the problem.


Although they are not harmful, you don't want to find cockroaches living in your home. Pipes, cracks and vents are just a few of the areas these creatures will use to gain access in your home, and getting rid of them is not always easy. Because they avoid direct light, spotting any cockroaches during the day is a warning sign that you are likely facing a large infestation. Hiding behind your walls and under your cabinets, cockroaches are skilled at evading detection until their numbers increase. Knowing that you are sharing your home with cockroaches can be stressful, and not everyone knows where to turn.


Ants are another common invader that residents of the Fernandina Beach area could find crawling along the walls or floors of a home or business. Sealing food in plastic bags, mopping up spills quickly and cleaning your floors consistently will go a long way in keeping ants away. When a lone ant moves across the floor of a kitchen or living room, most people won't give it much thought. But the ant that you see is likely a scout that will return to and alert the colony to the presence of food.


If you see any signs of termite activity, take action as quickly as you can because these insects can cause structural damage to your home. The Eastern subterranean termite is the most common termite in our area.  These termites live in the soil and travel in tunnels built under the surface.  When they build tunnels above ground, they are called mud tunnels.  Termite eat cellulose which is found in wood products including lumber and paper.  During early spring, some termites will leave their colony in search of a new place to call home; this is a termite swarm.  

Call Bug Out

If you want to find a solution before your pest problem has enough time to progress, contact Bug Out right away. When you do so, we will not waste any time getting a trained professional to your door. Our experts specialize in removing ants, termites and cockroaches, and we won't let you down. No matter the extent of your invasion, you won't need to concern yourself with it for much longer if you enlist our help. As a green business, we use environmentally friendly treatment options for every task. If you are ready to get started, we will gladly answer your questions and address your concerns.