Florida's climate makes it a great place to live and raise a family, but the weather also serves to attract a variety of ants that can continually thrive and reproduce with less threat of cold temperatures. These conditions have made ants a significant pest control problem in many area homes and businesses, and ants can prove quite difficult to remove once they've decided to share your space. Fortunately, at Bug Out Service, we have more than 50 years of experience in ant control and will work with you to keep your property ant free.

Common Florida Ants

The key to effectively removing any ant infestation is properly identifying the exact kind of ant that is posing the threat. Our technicians are carefully trained to identify every insect properly, and we have the appropriate equipment, top-of-the-line products and excellent techniques to remove all ants efficiently and effectively.

  • Fire Ants: These ants are extremely aggressive, and their painful sting is often administered repeatedly to animals and humans. Sandy earthen mounds in your yard may indicate their presence. We offer an annual fire-ant program to keep your property ant free year round.
  • Carpenter Ants: Nests may be found in hollow spaces inside of your walls, bath traps and hardwood trees. These large ants provide a painful bite that is made worse by a chemical that they spray into the wound. 
  • White-Footed Ants: These small ants don't bite or cause destruction, but they're a nuisance because each colony may produce up to 3 million ants. Their small size allows them easy access to your home. 
  • Little Black Ants: These common little ants like to live in the area between the carpet and the walls. Thousands may invade your home looking for spilled food or water.
  • Rover Ants: While these little ants are harmless, they become a nuisance due to their habit of nesting inside of your walls. Thousands may be hiding in your walls right now.

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Those who have found themselves surrounded by ants shouldn't hesitate to contact us here at Bug Out Service at 904-584-9868 or 352-221-9066 for a free quote for quality ant-control services. Our highly trained service professionals leave nothing to chance, and you can expect every possible access point to the structure to be carefully treated. This may include windows, doors, cracks in the stucco, built-up soil along the foundation, the trash-storage area and any vegetation that is touching the structure.

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